justin fricke music photographerJustin Fricke, Staff Photographer & Writer:

I was born around Orlando, FL and raised outdoors (by bears). Give me some waves to surf or mountains to climb, followed by some tacos and beer and I’m one happy dude.


After a couple failed attempts at playing music, I realized I’m better served going to shows and writing them to life for others to experience. When the words stop, I like to show you what I saw through a lens.


If you want to talk about music, the outdoors, or the philosophical meaning of life (or bears), email justin@showsigoto.com. You can also check out my outdoors shenanigans on The Weekend Warrior.


Adam and Justin Fricke will be on a road trip across the United States for all of 2016!
Visit http://brod-trip.com/ to follow their adventure. :-)
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Justin Fricke