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VOTE for us for Best Of Orlando 2015! We Made It To The Final Round and NEED YOUR HELP! | + Our Favorite Picks In Other Categories!

by • July 6, 2015

CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR SHOWSIGOTO.COM! is excited to announce that, with your help, we made it to the final round of Orlando Weekly’s Best Of Orlando reader’s poll for 2015! HUGE Thank You! 🙂

Now, we need your help to victory! Shows I Go To started from nothing. Mitch had the idea, built the website, wrote all the content, and wrote all the reviews for the first year. Then, he attracted an ARMY through his personal, first-person music reviews, teaming up with Every Venue In Town for badass free ticket giveaways, and his shear passion and dedication to making Shows I Go To something great and permanent.

Now, with a staff of 31 team members and OVER 500 POSTS, Shows I Go To has truly become THE BEST IN ORLANDO for music reviews, live photos, ticket giveaways, music news, and helping writers and photographers achieve their music industry goals and dreams. We’re a family. We’re a team. We thank you for supporting all the hard work we’ve all put into this. We love each and every one of our SIGT family members, our awesome readers and fans, our local musicians, and our venues. We are so grateful to have so many passionate supporters in the city of Orlando. I would kiss each and every one of you if you’d let me, but I’d settle for a hug. Thank You, from the bottom of our rock n’ rolling hearts! is up for BEST LOCAL WEBSITE and for BEST LOCAL BLOG.

Please write in for: BEST LOCAL TWITTER FEED (@showsigoto) and for BEST LOCAL FACEBOOK PAGE (Shows I Go To).


best of orlando 2015


Over the years, we’ve fell in love with some of the local talent here in Orlando. Here’s some of our picks for other categories for Best Of Orlando 2015!


Best Kept Secret: Unformatable Brunch
Best Local Charitable Group: The Mustard Seed
Best Local Website: (duh) 😉
Best Local TV Newschannel: Twitter (we had to pick this, it’s so true).
Best Local Big Shot: John Morgan, attorney and medical marijuana advocate (and multiple shot buyer at Wally’s)
Best Local Blog: (duh, again) 😉
Best Local Publication: Orlando Weekly
Best Local Radio Station: WPRK 91.5 FM (Shows I Go To has a show on this station every other Friday!)
Best Twitter Feed: @showsigoto
Best Local Facebook Page: Shows I Go To
Best People Watching: Downtown Orlando (or Lake Eola)

FOOD (We love to eat, too)

Best Cuban: Black Bean Deli
Best Greek: Mediterranean DELI
Best Mexican: Gringos Locos (fuck yeah)
Best Middle Eastern: Mediterranean DELI
Best Vietnamese: Pho K5
Best Bakery: Raphsodic Bakery (tons of delicious Vegan & Gluten Free Options!)
Best Barbecue: 4 Rivers
Best Burger: B & B Junction (or Beth’s, which we eat more of)
Best Cupcake: Raphsodic Bakery (This is where we buy our business partners cupcakes)
Best Coffee: Downtown Credo (where Martin spends most mornings and where I discovered Kyle Cox)
Best Deli: Bagel King (Katie brings me breakfast from here and it rules)
Best Hummus: Dandelion Communitea Cafe
Best Pizza: Anthony’s Pizza Thornton Park
Best Pho: Pho K5
Best Sandwiches: Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwiches (They’re open 24 hours on the weekends and fuel our drunken 5am needs for food, post-concerts)
Best Juice/Smoothies: The Juice Bar (post-yoga deliciousness)
Best Sushi: Shakai Sushi (write it in! They have $5 Sake and $5 Sushi from 5-7pm EVERY Day)
Best Tacos: Gringos Locos (DD’s, chicken)
Best Vegan: Ethos Vegan Kitchen
Best Outdoor Dining: 903 Mills Market (We like to ride our bicycles here and day-drink)
Best Food Truck: Local Yolk’l (Write it in! Breakfast rules, all the time)
Best Cheap Eats: Southern Fried Sunday (You get a home cooked meal AND a some rockin’ live music!)
Best Place To Take A Date: (see above)
Best Late-Night: Fuck, this is a tie between Pom Poms, Gringos, and our new favorite late night, Tacos El Rancho Downtown.


Best Arts Event: Orlando International Fringe Festival (where we caught Kaleigh Baker as Janis Joplin)
Best Arts Nights: Thornton 2nd Thursday (get wine drunk for $10!)
Best Burlesque: Polylust Burlesque
Best Comedy: Spacebar Comedy Wednesdays
Best Film Series: Uncomfortable Brunch (exactly what it says, and it’s awesome).
Best Library: Orange County – DOWNTOWN
Best Local Visual Artist: Boy Kong
Best Local Author: Dainon Moody (Write it in! He’s also our Senior Staff Writer!)
Best Local Poet: Dainon Moody (Read his Drunken Monkey poem below)
Best Theater Space: Dr. Phillips Center (The Acoustics though … wow.)
Best Movie Theater: Enzian Theater
Best Photographer: Lindsay Tompkins (Write it in! She’s also our Senior Staff Photographer!)

Drunken Monkey — Orlando, FL
Those who knew Elvis best understood
he was able to command his band of men in jumpsuits
with a look and nothing more. Eyes looking at eyes
causing songs to make 90-degree turns on dimes,
medleys were born. And he’d not have to say
a word to create a path. He led with a look.

So it is with you, little barista, with your holes in socks
curls on top of curls resting on other curls.
You don’t get my coffee to me very quickly,
never bother with courtesy,
but, when you hand me my change,
hands running into hands and dollars and casual smiles,
it’s your eyes, too, a look that makes me want to be later
than I already am, dig up impulsive compliments,
clamber into a time machine, head back to

before this gray started
before this heart hardened
before it’d be wrong to fall in love with you,
every morning about this time
in front of a counter
and only if and when you’re part-time


Best Club DJ: DJ BMF (As our friend from OW, Bao Le-Huu, said “unfuckwithable.”) or DJ DizzlePhunk!
Best Club Night: Body // Talk (We checked this our recently, and it rules, nothing like this in town)
Best Folk: Laney Jones
Best Hop-Hop: Either Solillaquists of Sound or E-Turn & SPS.
Best Rock: Thomas Wynn & the Believers (Read This or This.)
Best Metal Act: AMERICAN PARTY MACHINE (How can you argue with that name?! They killed FMF2015)
Best Punk Act: Teen Agers (Check out their Tour Blog on our site!)
Best Singer-Songwriter: Kaleigh Baker.
Best Soul Act: Eugene Snowden (He fronts the Legendary JC’s and we had him play our SIGT Staff Party. We love this dude.)
Best Local Music Event: Ralphfest (you can’t argue with a cause this good, read our Ralphfest review).
Best Bar (non-smoking): Will’s Pub
Best Bartender: Benji Gray (a.k.a Benji Drinks! From our weekly emails and Barley & Vine Biergarten.)
Best Craft Beer Bar: Barley & Vine Biergarten (Write it in! We have SIGT Staff Meetings here!)
Best Craft Cocktail: Lil Indies
Best Dance Club: Independent Bar (We like too boogie.)
Best Dive Bar: Wally’s
Best Trivia: See You Next Tuesday Trivia at Barley & Vine, hosted by Benji.


Best Barbershop: Liberty Barber Shop
Best Dry Cleaner: Acme Cleaners
Best Record Store: Park Ave CD’s!
Best Smoke Shop: Climax Smoke Shop
Best T-Shirts: AKT Enterprises (Write it in!)
Best Tattoo Parlor: Rise Above Tattoo


Best Bootcamp: Dena Davis (also one of our staff writers, and an all-around badass!)
Best Yoga: We love/attend classes at Full Circle, Orlando Power Yoga, and Warrior One. 🙂

*Note, all of the above pics are mostly reflective of Mitch’s favorite pics.


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