Andrew McMahon Legalize Marijuana Live Photo 2014

Andrew McMahon has a survival guide for The Wilderness | July 29 2014 | House Of Blues Orlando

by • August 15, 2014

For the past decade, Andrew has been putting together a survival guide. He’s remained true to his fans and true to himself through song, constantly sharing his journey and life with the world. His army of loyal fans and consistency in releasing great music serve as the permanent ink printed on the pages of his survival guide. Throughout his performance at House Of Blues Orlando all I could think was “He’s still got it.”

Ever since I first saw Andrew McMahon’s sticker covered piano in the rain at Warped Tour ‘02 I was hooked. From his days in Something Corporate to his emotional seesaw in Jack’s Mannequin, Andrew has been on a hell of a journey to say the least. Most recently, Andrew has announced he’ll be writing and performing music under the name Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. I feel it’s safe to say Andrew will be well prepared for his new journey.

While watching him perform, you could tell he’s in love with his new songs, as he should be, however he’s just as in love with his old songs. “I Woke Up In A Car was energetic. Passionate. When he sang the words “I woke up in New York City from my sleep behind the wheel,” it brought me right back to that muddy day at a raceway where they held Warped Tour in 2002.

He continued with his new single “Cecilia And The Satellite.” Although the song is written for and dedicated to his newborn daughter, there’s two very simple lines that really define Andrew’s journey and are perhaps the most important chapters in his survival guide: “been around the world with a punk rock band” and “I’ve been knocked down and got up again.” It’s a really fucking good song. Check it out:

I must express that I especially loved the sole sticker he sported on his piano that read “MAKE MARIJUANA LEGAL.” Here’s an awesome pic Jeff Roach took of it. You can see all his Live Photos of Andrew McMahon below.

Andrew McMahon Legalize Marijuana Live Photo 2014

Andrew climbed upon his piano and played the teeth with his feet at the end of his short set as he’s notorious for. It was a perfect ending to the beginning of his great new journey. We’ll be seeing him again soon in Orlando. Andrew McMahon is coming back to Orlando November 19 to headline The Beacham! – Click Here For Tickets.

Dark Blue
The Resolution
High Dive
I Woke Up In A Car
La La Lie

Jeff Roach Photography




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