AMigo The Devil Live Review

At Tip of the Hat: Amigo the Devil Live Review + Music on Mills Festival Photos | Mills50 District | Orlando, FL | November 14, 2015

by • November 24, 2015

I, I, yai, yai, yai, hope your husband dies! … I hope your husband dies!”

Amigo the Devil is pounding on the ceiling of St. Matthews Tavern on Mills Avenue. He has moved the back row to the front. His stage is now a pew that lines the window. The extemporaneous plan to shift viewing perspective seemed to include bringing the microphone along, but the cord refused our friend’s request for slack. Leaning on only the sound of his voice he asked, “Are you with me?” in not so many words.

We screamed in assent, but our compliance is evident from the melding of new and old friends alike.

If you don’t know the words, just listen to the person next to you and join in.”

Thirty seconds later we are all comrades in the Fellowship of Amigo the Devil. Some of us converts, others deacons with demons, all welcome at Music on Mills. St. Matthews is a cigar box of a space. And every patron of the festival seems to have saved their energy to stuff the room for this set.

The Devil is actually a really nice guy named Danny. We would buy records from a guy named Danny, but when you are selling murderfolk, the name Amigo the Devil adds to an already monumentally wonderful stage presence. He works the room like Henry Rollins, an intelligent, somewhat physically imposing figure who also seems like he would give you five minutes of undivided attention after the show.

Danny did more than that. We took home his gorgeous double LP that includes four EPs put together for a seamless sound, cloaked in a brown jacket with three animal-human hybrid faces adorning the inner fold. The physical packaging is gorgeous, just like the tunes within. Rather than a traditional glossy set of liner notes, Amigo the Devil’s LP came with a newspaper called The Fellowship with the lyrics of each song telling the news of the day. Danny was personable and gracious throughout the exchange, every bit the murderfolk Henry Rollins we pictured.

Bloody Jug Band followed that scene. This is a band that steals every bill they play. The quintessential showmen, Bloody Jug Band includes a washboard playing lead singer and horns to go along with guitar and folksy percussion. The billing was perfect, and on any other night, Bloody Jug Band would be the only act to write about.

The Devil gets his due on this night. Music on Mills featured Orlando’s local music at its best, but sometimes a tip of the hat is warranted. Amigo the Devil owns the evening. There are no tour dates on the immediate horizon, but head to his online store and get some music to tide you over until we can all join the brotherhood once again.   

Amigo the Devil Live Review by Jason Earle, edited by Matthew Weller.
Music on Mills & Amigo the Devil Live Concert Photos by Adam Fricke & Austin Auclair.

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