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We are a growing team of music journalists contributing to an Orlando based music blog that writes unconventional reviews, takes awesome photos, promotes shows, and gives out free tickets to concerts.

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We are music fans writing about our favorite bands. We write in a fun and unconventional way. We write about live music because we’re 100%, completely passionate about it, and we thoroughly enjoy expressing our enthusiasm. We aim to make our content personal, often diaristic, and we write them in a conversational tone as if we’re telling a story — sometimes heartfelt, sometimes hilarious, and everything in-between — to our friends. Our mission is to get our listeners fully engaged in our stories. We invite them into our heads, have our way with them and, before they know it, they’re finished, satisfied, and really (really) want some more (or at least a cigarette).

Shows I Go To only has one rule: Have fun.




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