anberlin live review

A Farewell To Anberlin | Anberlin Live Review: The Final Show w/’68 | House Of Blues Orlando | November 26 2014

by • January 2, 2015

How do you review the end of an era?  A group of men who are so dear to so many hearts has signed off and left us reeling. Anberlin said goodbye the night before Thanksgiving but they made sure we wouldn’t be forgetting them any time soon.

Between “Paperthin Hymn” and “Feel Good Drag” there was over a decade of history, heartbreak, gratitude, and grace. Being a fan of Anberlin is so much more than enjoying their music. It’s about being part of something larger than yourself. It’s about joining a family with a warm christian foundation. Adam was able to capture some stills of the beauty that unfolded (more photos below).

anberlin live review

Some nights go unnoticed. Some nights fade away until they are eventually forgotten. The souls in House Of Blues Orlando were permanently imprinted with an experience of a lifetime that night from Anberlin. A concrete sentiment safely sealed with tears.

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Where there is end, we often find new beginnings. The new beginning I found that evening was a band called ’68. A two piece that packed a serious punch who had no qualms with launching instruments into the air as far as gravity would allow.  

Once Anberlin took the stage, not a single word went unsung by the audience in the 22 song set (setlist Here). Our eyes seemed glued to the stage perpetually with a mix of swirling emotions of love, pain, and desire for an everlasting evening.

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A fair share of tears were shed. Some of joy. Some of sorrow. As the members stood arm in arm and took a final bow, wiped their tears, we cheered and clapped with all our might, knowing we were observing the bitterest of sweet endings. I believe I speak for everyone in attendance and everyone around this gorgeous planet when I say “Thank You Anberlin. Thank You for being there when we needed you and for uplifting us on a daily basis. Until we meet again my friends.”

Anberlin Live Review by Mitch Foster.
Anberlin Live Photos by Adam Fricke.



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