7 Below Live Review

7 Below: A Tribute To Phish Live Review, Photos, & Video | West End Trading Co., Sanford, FL | November 5, 2015

by • November 30, 2015

If you’ve never been able to experience all the wonder that is a Phish show (which I highly recommend), the next best thing would certainly have to be seeing the guys in 7 Below: A Tribute To Phish recreate the mystical circus Phish-ery. Not only is the music replicated well, but their shows are also a gathering of like kind minds. Phish’s infamous Shakedown Street, which was a parking lot next to the venue in whatever city they are invading, is well known for its tents of food, tie-dye shirts, and various paraphernalia swarmed by thousands of wandering Phish heads. So even though going to a tribute show can’t fully compare in the grand scheme of things, you can at least get your dose of it.

7 Below Live Review

7 Below (a Phish song aptly chosen as the tribute band’s moniker) brought their fall tour through Florida with a stop at West End Trading Co. in Sanford on a quiet Thursday night in November. I was still reeling and recovering from the Suwannee Hulaween festival myself, so it was nice to go to a small show after four days of a humongous festival crowd.

I’ve been listening to Phish for several years and have seen eight shows, so I know a thing or two about their music and scene. On this night, I took a friend to the 7 Below show who has never seen Phish, nor did he know much of their music. Seeing his face and reaction, and knowing this was his first live show experience of hearing Phish music (even though it wasn’t actually Phish playing), felt like watching a toddler unwrapping his first bicycle. It made him more of fan, and now he really can’t wait to go to his first Phish show. 7 Below really harnesses the technical compositions and improvisational jam structures that Phish produce, and each member mimics the styling of their respective Phish player marvelously.

7 Below Live Review

The show was typical jam structure, including two sets and an encore. I especially enjoyed the first set opener, “Moma Dance,” which has a fun play on words in a misheard lyric type way … “The Moma Dance” or “The Moment Ends” — just one of Phish’s fun tricks. Following, was a solid block of “Rift,” then “Gumbo,” “Maze,” and “Wolfman’s Brother.” I freaked when the played “Camel Walk,” a song I’ve always wanted to hear Phish play live, but have yet to get. The first set started coming to a close with a very potent “Bathtub Gin” and capped with a dancing “David Bowie,” which is a classic set-ending song.

7 Below Live Review

The second set was only six songs and started with “The Sloth” (Italian Spaghetti!) and “A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing” (Run away, run away, run away!). What followed in the next four songs was pure gold with a super spacey “2001” into my favorite Phish tune “Tweezer” (Won’t you step into the freezer!), followed by a dreamy “Theme From The Bottom” and a fan favorite set-ender “Fluffhead.”

7 Below Live Review

No Phish show is ever the same; I’m sure 7 Below also never plays the same set twice. Part of the fun as a Phish fan is trying to guess what the next song is before your buddy does, or just remembering what song they’re currently playing because it carried your mind away. A Phish tribute band is not like your typical cover band gig; it’s an impressive feat that takes unlimited devotion.

It was an amazing show to say the least. The band was phriendly as could be, and I hope they return to Phlorida soon in the not too distant phuture

Watch the full show below via The Sober Goat.

00:00 Moma Dance
09:20 Rift
16:36 Gumbo
21:50 Maze
32:22 Wolfman’s Brother
42:34 Roses Are Free
47:52 Camel Walk
53:26 Bathtub Gin
1:08:10 David Bowie

1:18:12 The Sloth
1:23:00 A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
1:29:35 2001
1:38:55 Tweezer
1:51:40 Theme From The Bottom
1:59:00 Fluffhead

2:14:00 Scents & Subtle Sounds
2:20:55 Tweezer Reprise

7 Below Live Review by Richie Williams, edited by Matthew Weller

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